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Safely working at height


This program aims to give individuals a broad overview of risks attached with working at heights and the general requirements to control them. In addition, it will explain safe working practices and procedures which should be followed without fault.

Objectives of Course

The objective of this course is to raise awareness and provide support to all industries regarding working safely at heights.  This will include discussing several control measures and how one should implement them in order to reduce the hazards of working at heights.


Topic / content outline

  • Working at heights
  • Rules to prevent falls
  • General access scaffholding
  • Scaffhold – assembly Inspection
  • Mobile scaffhold towers
  • Tower scaffholds
  • Ladders
  • Roofworking
  • Falling objects
  • Working over water


Who Should Attend?

  • Tower climbers
  • Crane inspectors
  • Construction workers


Course Duration

1 Day




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