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Permit to work


Permit to Work Course is designed to train the relevant personnel relating hazardous work and services that require prior authorization for those undertaking such a job. The aim is for organizations to have staffs that clearly understand the need for work permits so that they can comply by them at their respective professional practices without fault.

Objectives of Course

The objective of this course is to raise awareness and provide support to industries including health care providers as to when a permit to work is needed.


Topic / content outline

Permit to work needed in the following situations;

  • Fire
  • Sparks from open flames, welding, cutting, furnaces, etc.
  • Explosive, corrosive or toxic gases or atmospheres
  • Pressure systems
  • Steam or other hot materials (burns)
  • Electricity and other energy sources
  • Accidental start-up of mechanical equipment
  • Oxygen deficiency or oxygen enrichment
  • Suffocation or drowning (for example, in bulk material bins or solvent storage tanks)
  • Restricted access, exit and movement
  • Toxic substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Lasers
  • Temperature extremes


Who Should Attend?

  • Labor
  • Construction worker
  • Site managers
  • Contractors
  • Site supervisors
  • Healthcare technicians


Course Duration

1 Day




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