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RICI is the leading provider of CQI and IRCA Certified and other training services in the region. We focus on fostering businesses with their compliance management challenges. Our experts help in preparing their staff to perform their services in an extraordinary way. Training Services in Bahrain

We design and deliver the courses with great expertise. Our extensive knowledge addresses the competency needs of your team and helps them to carry out their roles effectively. RICI believes that training should be a rewarding experience rather than meeting a standard set of knowledge.

Moreover, we believe that training should be equally important in order to enhance an individual’s growth. RICI delivers the courses in such a manner that it caters to an individual’s learning needs. We take the time to ascertain current levels of knowledge and understanding as well as the integration of thoughts. RICI also encourage the comments and experiences brought forward by those attending. Sessions are varied in style and nature to ensure that each and every delegate is engaged. Our approach is based on interaction and motivation and is focussed on a mix of key learning and teaching styles and theories.

Flexible teaching options: Training Services in Bahrain

Other than a portfolio of scheduled courses all our training can be delivered in your own organization. Hence we eliminate the cost of traveling and accommodation for the delegates. Similarly, we help you plan the structure of the courses around your requirements with consideration of the ability levels. Training Services in Bahrain

Why choose RICI for training?

Public reputation for delivering high-quality training across a wide portfolio of compliance and certification topics.  Training Services in Bahrain

  • Highly experienced trainers with relevant industry qualifications for their area of expertise
  • Approachable and friendly training team with extensive industry knowledge who are able to pass on practical experience
  • A large pool of trainers spread across North America, the Middle East and Asia


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