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Risk Based Inspection services

RICI Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) services are useful for avoiding or minimizing unplanned shutdowns for oil and chemical plants.

Risk-based inspection (RBI) is the process of developing an inspection plan based on knowledge of the risk of failure of equipment. RICI inspectors work with the client to come up with an effective solution for ensuring longevity of equipment in oil and chemical plants and minimizing downtime.  This is done by analyzing the likelihood and consequences of failure, and developing a cost-effective inspection and maintenance program.

Our risk based inspection services include:

  • Assessment of process operations that will impact your production, operation, material integrity and degradation rates
  • Determination of the remaining lifetime of your assets
  • Gap analysis
  • Identification of operational risks, using recognized industry standards
  • Identification of the appropriate inspection intervals
  • Review of technical specifications and construction materials
  • Specification of risk ranking level and determination of the respective risk acceptance level
  • Specification of the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks


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