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Soil & Aggregate

RICI is capable of performing all quality control tests on earthworks of construction projects. RICI is fully equipped to check the suitability of fill materials with respect to project specifications and carrying out in-situ density tests. In addition RICI is capable of conducting quality control tests on aggregates used in the construction industry and concrete/asphalt batching plants

RICI can conduct following lab and site test on soil and aggregates as per ASTM and British Standards:

Serial No.Test NameASTM Standard MethodBS Standard Method
1Sampling AggregatesASTM D75BS EN 932-1
2Reducing Samples of Aggregate to Testing SizeASTM C702BS EN 932-2
3Aggregate Moisture Content--BS 812-109
4Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse AggregatesASTM C136BS EN 933-1
5Material Finer than 75-µm Sieve and 63-µm Sieve in Aggregates by WashingASTM C117BS EN 933-2
6Clay Lumps and Friable Particles in AggregatesASTM C142--
7Degradation of Coarse Aggregate by Abrasion and Impact in the Los Angeles MachineASTM C131 / C535--
9Soundness of Aggregates by Use of Sodium Sulfate or Magnesium SulfateASTM C88BS 812-121
10Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), and Absorption of Coarse AggregateASTM C127BS EN 1097-6
11Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), and Absorption of Fine AggregateASTM C128BS EN 1097-7
12Flat Particles, Elongated Particles, or Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse AggregateASTM D4791BS EN 933-3, BS 812-105.1 /2
13Sand Equivalent Value of Soil and Fine AggregateASTM D2419BS EN 933-8
14pH--BS 1377-3
15Acid Soluble Chloride--BS 1377-3
16Acid Soluble Sulfate--BS 1377-3
17Organic ImpuritiesASTM C40--
18Moisture Content of SoilASTM D2216BS 1377-2 (3.2)
19Amount of Material in Soil Finer than 75-µm or 63-µm SieveASTM D1140BS 1377-2 (9.2)
20Particle-Size Analysis of Soil including Hydrometer AnalysisASTM D422BS 1377-2 (9.3 & 9.5)
21Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index of SoilASTM D4318BS 1377-2 (4.5 & 5.0)
22Specific Gravity of SoilASTM D854BS 1377-2 (8.3)
23Classification of SoilASTM D3282 / D2487BS 5930 (41 & 42)
24Maximum and Minimum Dry DensityASTM D 4253 / D 4254BS 1377-4
25Laboratory Compaction Using Standard EffortASTM D698
26Laboratory Compaction Using Modified EffortASTM D1557BS 1377-4 (3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6)
27California Bearing Ratio of Laboratory-Compacted SoilASTM D1883BS 1377-4 (7.0)
28In-Place Density and Water Content of Soil by Nuclear MethodASTM D6938BS 1377-9 (2.5)
29In-situ Density Test Sand Replacement MethodASTM D1556BS 1377-9 (2.1 & 2.2)
31Water Soluble Chloride--BS 1377-3
32Water Soluble Sulfate--BS 1377-3


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