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RICI conducts quality control of all kinds on asphalt and bitumen mixtures. QC tests on roadwork incudes asphalt sampling, coring, bitumen extraction, marshall stability and flow, specific gravity etc. RICI can conduct following lab and site test on asphalt as per ASTM and British Standard:


Serial No.Test NameASTM Standard Method
1Sampling Bituminous Paving MixturesASTM D979
2Quantitative Extraction of Bitumen from Bituminous Paving MixturesASTM D2172
3Preparation of Bituminous Specimens using Marshall ApparatusASTM D6926
4Marshall Stability and Flow of Bituminous MixturesASTM D6927
5Mechanical Size Analysis of Extracted AggregateASTM D5444
6Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity and Density of Bituminous Paving MixturesASTM D2041
7Bulk Specific Gravity and Density of Non-Absorptive Compacted Bituminous MixturesASTM D2726
8Thickness or Height of Compacted Bituminous Paving Mixture SpecimensASTM D3549
9Percent Air Voids in Compacted Dense and Open Bituminous Paving MixturesASTM D3203
10Estimating Application Rate of Bituminous DistributorsASTM D2995


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