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Code Of Conduct

As a certified laboratory technician I agree to act in accordance with, and be bound by, the following Code of Conduct:

  • To act in a strictly trustworthy and unbiased manner in relation to both the organization by which I am employed, contracted or otherwise formally engaged in performing laboratory activities called organization herein.
  • To disclose to my organization any relationships that I may have with the companies I am assigned will go for work.
  • Not to act in any way prejudicial to the reputation, interests or credibility of the organization.
  • In the event of any alleged breach of this code, to co-operate fully in any formal enquiry procedure with the organization or RICI as applicable.
  • Not at any time during the continuance of engagement or at any time thereafter directly or indirectly use, record or disclose any confidential information, except as may be necessary for the proper performance of duties or as may be specifically authorized in writing by the organization.
  • To take good care of any documents which may from time to time be within my custody or control during the course of duties, and not to show or disclose or communicate the information and contents thereof to anyone other than authorized representatives of the company owning the documents.
  • Upon termination (for whatever reason) I shall not retain any copies or records thereof related to organization, it clients and any other information which is considered as confidential information.
  • To take all appropriate measures to prevent any conflict of interest that could compromise the planning and management of activities.
  • To comply with applicable organizational polices related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety or any regulations that may be applicable.
  • Not to accept any inducement, gift, commission, discount or any other profit from the organization, or from their representatives, or from any other interested party or person including clients.
  • To ensure conformance to quality requirements in all aspects of work assigned to me as a laboratory technician.
  • To ensure not to raise claims which are out of scope of the scheme certified for, discontinue use of claim as being certified technician upon non-renewal of certification, suspension or withdrawal.
  • Not to disclose the Exam or practical demonstration question or discuss any of the content of the examination materials with any person. Also, not copy or attempt to make copies (written, photocopied, or record or otherwise) of any Exam Material, including examination questions or answers.
  • Not to use certification in a manner which may lead towards a disrepute, or causing any harm to RICI. To ensure compliance with scheme requirements and professional code of conduct all the time
  • I shall inform RICI without any delay if there is any violation of this professional code, such notifications can be sent on
  • I am informed that RICI has right to provide to anyone who asks for validation using RICI website of the current status of certificate. The status if asked for will be the same on the day of any such query. RICI provided only information such as certification as Active, Suspended or Withdrawn



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