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Application Process

1. Pre-requisites and Application Process

  • The requirements for each scheme offered by RICI are available on the official website
  • Any potential applicant can self- determine if he or she is complying with the defined scheme requirements or not.
  • There are no pre-examination training requirements, the individual can directly apply for the certification if meeting the competency requirements.
  • The application form (F02) can be submitted by post to the RICI Head office at Building or sent through one of our marketing representatives or by direct submission to
  • The application has to be signed and dated accompanied by a recent copy of CV, copies of the educational certificates, experience certificates etc as required.
  • The applicants are required to submit a signed Professional Code of Conduct (F01) and abilities document (F03)
  • No fees are to be submitted along with the application.
  • The exams and practicals are offered in English Language only. The geogriphical location for examination is Bahrain and Saudi Arabia at the moment.


2. Application Review Process and the fees.

  • The application package received is reviewed against the related scheme criteria. The applicant will be notified about the outcome of the application in either case. In case some evidence or clarification are required you will be asked for additional information.
  • If the application has been accepted, the examination fee is required to be paid upon receipt of the quotation from RICI.
  • The fee structure charge by RICI is as below:
  • Examination Fee : BD 100 or US$ equivalent.
  • Annual renewal Fee : BD 100 or US$ equivalent.


3. Evaluation Criteria.

  • The applicants will be tested using two tier evaluation process that is:-
  • Written examination
  • Practical demonstration
  • If you fail either in the exam or the practical demonstration you will not be certified. The results will be communicated to you in writing. You can re-appear once in the failed area within 1 month of receiving the results, no fee will be charged for it.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, a schedule of exam is communicated to the applicant. The schedule contains the date and instructions related to the examination and practical demonstration. Key instructions include but are not limited to the following:
  • You would be required to bring in your own scientific calculator for calculations.
  • Do not bring personal belongings like laptops, notebooks and tablets as they are not allowed in the examination hall.
  • Students are allowed to bring clean copies of reference material as per scheme requirements. Other notes are not allowed.
  • The exams and practical demonstration shall be effectively supervised by RICI invigilators and examiners, they will monitor the process as per the RICI guidelines to ensure fairness. Instructions related to examination and practical will be communicated by the invigilator or examiner before the start of exam or demonstration. Timings as per the instructions are to be fully followed.


4. Results and Certificates Issuance.

  • The results of examination and complied by RICI and the finding communicated to the candidate.
  • The candidate received a letter indicating the exam scores and out of exam in either case.
  • A certificate is issued to successful candidates which remains valid for 1 year from the date of certification decision. Validity dates are mentioned on the certificate issued.
  • The certificate can be renewed before the end of validity or within 2 week of expiry, in-case of a delay RICI reserves the right to suspend the certificate.
  • Certification can be renewed for the next year subject to submission of evidences related to continual professional development and work experience. The requirements are given in the related scheme document. available on the website.


5. Certificates Validation.

  • The certificate validation option is available on the website . Any one from public can ask for the validation of certification through the website. The information provided against the online query will be limited to the status of the certification such as Valid, Suspended or Withdrawn or if copy of certificate is provided to verify it is authentic. As a company policy no other information related to the candidate will be provided unless required by law or a legal authority.


6. Suspension and withdrawal (or cancellation) of certificates:

RICI has a policy and procedure for suspension, withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification, and has specified the subsequent actions to be taken. The suspensions may be enforced due to one or more of the following reasons:

  •  The certified person has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements.
  • The certified person has failed to pay the due fees.
  • The certified person has voluntarily requested a suspension
  • In order to comply with regulations, including regulations applicable at National levels.


Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in the time established by RICI shall result in withdrawal (deregistration) or reduction of the scope of certification.

RICI have enforceable arrangements with the certified person to ensure that, in the event of suspension of certification, the certified person refrains from further promotion of the certification while it is suspended. The matter is already communicated to the certified person.

RICI have enforceable arrangements with the certified person concerning conditions of withdrawal ensuring upon notice of withdrawal of certification that the person discontinues its use of all advertising matter that contains reference to a certified status.

Based on the Program procedures, accreditation of the certified personnel may be reduced, suspended or withdrawn by the organization for a persistent failure of the accredited certified person to abide by relevant standards and company policies and procedures..

The certified person may request to reduce or suspend its scope of accreditation or voluntarily withdraw from accreditation.

Forms can be downloded from the links below, for any other document email at

F-01 Professional Code of Conduct

F-02 Application Form

F-03 Abilites Requirement Document



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