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Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 requires an organization to preempt risks and put in place contingency plans and tested responses to more effectively respond to unexpected threats should they arise. It helps your team agree timeframes within which you will resume your activity following an adverse event. The standard also requires you to make resources available to implement, maintain and test plans to ensure operational continuity regardless of the conditions.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification?

  • Ensures that you can deliver products or services to customers despite unexpected interruptions
  • Enhances your reputation as a robust entity within critical supply chains
  • Provides improved visibility of both internal and external risks facing your business enabling you to maintain operations or return to ‘business as usual’ as smoothly as possible

Why choose RICI?

After getting certified by RICI you will not only show that excellence matters to you but also that you commit to best practices. It’s because we have been developed world-renowned auditing methods with a key focus on risk-based auditing. Having a RICI certification, you will prove that you have the necessary capabilities of shielding yourself and your organization against threats in a challenging environment.


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