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Company Information

Why is your organization interested in offering/selling RICI products in your country?

Product Information:

A .Types of RICI services your organization is seeking to distribute/market in your

B. Availability of classroom or conference room for training (respond only if applicable):

If no, indicate future plans: We can rent easily and have several partners for different number of seats

C. Availability of trainers/instructors (if applicable)

If yes, indicate if your instructors hold any IRCA certifications. Please attach CV/certificates along with this application

D. Does your company measure customer satisfaction?

General Business Information

Number of people employed at your organization:

A. Name of your company’s president or Owner:

Marketing Capabilities

Describe your organization’s sales and marketing capabilities.

Describe your organization’s sales and marketing capabilities (include description of sales and marketing staff, if available). Example: Marketing Staff Strength: 12


Why do you anticipate that there would be a demand for RICI products in your country?

Please indicate in which market of your country you seek to distribute/sell RICI products.

Estimate the total market potential for each of the RICI products you are seeking to distribute/sell in your country (please explain).


List the top three reasons why RICI should choose you as an affiliate.



Please describe and provide information on your organization’s local competition.

Describe and indicate the competitors you would encounter by offering RICI products in your country.

Provide Top 3 Competitor analysis (if available).


Market share %



Are you familiar with the state of quality (practices, methodologies, etc.) in your country? *


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