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Impartiality Statement

RICI, it’s Directors, Managers, Staff, Auditors, Subcontractors and others involved in the business processed fully understand the importance of impartiality in performing their respective duties. This applies to all business domains including but not limited to the Management System Certification Services, Inspection Services, Personnel Certifications Services and the Training Services offered by RICI.

RICI shall ensure that in its dealings with the potential and certified clients and candidates all employees or other personnel involved shall remain impartial.

To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, RICI has identified and assessed risks for all areas which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality. Such risks are being evaluated, treated and being reviewed on periodic basis.

The principals as below serve as a guideline to ensure impartiality in all business processes:

  • RICI shall ensure fairness in the application review and all through the certification process.
  • RICI Shall ensure the competency of their certification personnel involved in any business process.
  • RICI or any entity under its organizational control shall not provide management system consultancy services or internal audit services to it’s actual or potential clients for certification.
  • RICI shall not recommend or encourage candidates for personal certification to take up any specific course offered by RICI as a part of competency requirements for a particular scheme.
  • RICI shall not provide courses specific to a client’s requirements or based on their specific process or management system requirements.
  • All RICI personnel involved in the certification or inspection who could influence the impartiality shall not be allowed to face any commercial, financial, or other pressures which may compromise their impartiality.
  • RICI shall implement the finding and decision of any committees which may be required by a particular scheme for investigation or impartiality and this shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the initiator.
  • RICI shall require all personnel to report any conflict of interest situation before taking any assignment whether they are permanent, subcontracted or freelance.

Form 13-1, Rev: 01, 01/01/17



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